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Entretiens sur la philosophie

Paris, Chez Michel Le Petit (1671)

In-12 Basane brune époque, dos orné

Coins usés, manques aux coiffes

Texte complet malgré le manque de la page de titre du second entretien, de cette rare 1ère édition.
Jacques Rohault (1618-1672) , a native of Amiens, was a member of libertine circles in Paris, including that of Cyrano de Bergerac ; he was also a friend of Molière. Defender of Cartesianism, a teacher of mathematics, he exerted tremendous literary and scientific influence through his “public lectures” that he gave in his home once a week. In his last years Rohault was troubled by the political reaction to Cartesianism in France. In his work, "Entretiens sur la philosophie" (first printed in 1671) , Rohault tried to establish the importance of Cartesian interpretations to theology. His "Entretiens sur la philosophie" is "essentially a defense of Descartes, dealing with controversial topics such as the relation between Descartes and Aristotle, Descartes’ interpretation of the Eucharist and Descartes’ ideas on the animal soul. ” (Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy” p. 342) . The work was published without Rohault's consent from one of the copies then circulating "in secret" -- (see Dennis Des Chene, “Cartesian Science : Régis and Rohault” in : A Companion to Early Modern Philosophy, 2008) . ~~~ Of the first edition of 1671, OCLC lists only four copies in the U. S. (Stanford, Univ. Illinois, Univ. Michigan, and Queens College) .


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